Video 1 (Jonas et al., 2012)

The epileptic patient KV has to recognize famous faces presented as photographs, while her right inferior occipital cortex is electrically stimulated for 5 seconds. She fails to reocgnize the face during the stimulation, only at this electrode contact located in the right "occipital face area". This is the first demonstration of a case of transient prosopagnosia.

Jonas, J., Descoins, M., Koessler, L., Colnat-Coulbois, S., Sauvee, M., Guye, M., Vignal, J-P., Vespignani, H., Rossion, B., Maillard, L. (2012). Focal electrical intracerebral stimulation of a face-sensitive area causes transient prosopagnosia. Neuroscience, 222, 281-288. [PDF]